You can earn souls by being active in the chat while I am live. You get 1 soul per 2 minutes for being active at least once in 30 minutes and you get twice the souls for being active in the last 5 minutes (subscribers get more). You can also get them by participating in the mini-games.

You can use souls for the following things:

  • At the end of each month there will be a fridge magnet giveaway (I will make the magnet myself). The cost of 1 ticket will be 1000 souls.
  • 1 audio command for 10 souls: !tuturu
  • Song requests are 20 souls (free for subscribers). If you want to request songs use this command: !requestsong youtubeID
  • For 35 souls you can add a quote.
  • You will be able to participate in future giveaways.
  • For 1000 souls you can get your own custom chat command.

To check your amount of souls type !souls in the chat. Type !cmdlist to see the bot commands. You can also find the rest of the commands here.

Be sure to have enough souls before requesting anything.