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1 photo every day challenge. Day 1

I figured I’d challenge myself to post one photo here everyday. I don’t really post anything else anyway and this is a good way to pick up on photography again. And maybe visit some new places in the process. My first photo is taken at the dog park. Wish it was one of Jax, my dog, but of course I couldn’t get him to stay still. I took this one in particular with my iphone because I forgot to charge my camera battery. It’s a start though!



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Reodora is live with a brand new blog!

After a couple of months of work on this website, I’m finally live! Isn’t it great? And my first article!  This is a 4-hands written post. Some parts are by me, some others are by Nicola, the guy who helped me make this website.

I’ll talk about my twitch ‘journey’ while Nicola wrote about why he made the website for me, and what are the plans for the future!

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