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Reodora is live with a brand new blog!

After a couple of months of work on this website, I’m finally live! Isn’t it great? And my first article!  This is a 4-hands written post. Some parts are by me, some others are by Nicola, the guy who helped me make this website.

I’ll talk about my twitch ‘journey’ while Nicola wrote about why he made the website for me, and what are the plans for the future!

Teodora – My Twitch Journey

I first started streaming in November 2014. Back then I didn’t have the great pc I have right now but I had managed to buy myself a decent one with the money I earned from my holiday job in between University years. I was in my second year of University so I wasn’t going to be able to stream a lot but I bought myself a second hand  webcam and started broadcasting under the name of Reodora (because I figured my real name, Teodora would already be taken and it would be too common). In case you’re wondering how I came up with that name: I just took the first letter of my family name and switched it with the T from Teodora.

The first game I streamed was the new Tomb Raider. I was really excited to play it so I figured why not start my stream with it as well. At the beginning I would get very few viewers if any at all! I was lucky to get one or two people watching my stream. I didn’t know much about broadcasting anyway and I wouldn’t talk a lot, mostly because I wouldn’t know what to say but also because I was kind of shy. It was okay though, the couple of people that would come on my stream at first would start coming more and more so I had fun talking to them. I didn’t stream a lot because back then even a couple of hours of doing it would make me feel really tired.

The sister of one of my viewers was also a streamer and she was playing a lot of Warframe. I was happy to have met another girl on twitch and I wanted to play with her so I decided to start playing Warframe even though I had never played it before. It was a lot of fun streaming it and my viewership also grew. I remember being insanely happy when I reached 50 followers, it was really mind blowing for me back then.

How I Became a Variety Streamer

After Warframe, the next game I started streaming was World of Tanks, which I stayed at for a long time. Things got crazy back when I was streaming WoT, I got hosted a couple of times by a really big Russian streamer and  I would find myself being watched by thousands of people after he would host me. Most of them didn’t know how to speak English, some of them were nice, some of them were toxic.

You can’t imagine how it was for me to suddenly get hosted for so many viewers. I would get shy and not know what to say but I tried my best. Of course, with the hosts came the follows too and suddenly my follower amount got boosted by thousands. I met a lot of people while playing that game and I made a few friends with which I would play every day. We would Skype while I was streaming and play the game and I had so much fun. I laughed a lot back then and it was amazing. Slowly, with the help of my viewers I managed to get a better pc as well.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out so well because as much as I had fun playing WoT I really wanted to get good in it as well. I wasn’t a very good player and after a while my mistakes started to annoy me and make me sad. Because of that I slowly stopped playing the game and switched to others.

My viewership dropped considerably after I stopped playing World of Tanks and it seemed like my stream was slowly dying. Of course this made me really sad but I realized that if I can’t have fun playing a game then I can’t deliver my best as a streamer either. Naturally, it wasn’t easy. I even got to the point where I wanted to stop streaming completely! But some of my viewers were still there, not for the game but for me and they encouraged me to continue so I did.

And so I became a variety streamer. I’ve streamed a lot of games since then and I don’t regret it. I try my best to deliver good content every time I stream and interaction with the chat is also a key element to my broadcasts.

There have been so many people that have helped in so many ways during my journey here and I could never thank them enough. Without them, my viewers, I would have never made it so far.

As for the Future

From now on I hope everything will only improve and I have a couple of things in mind for my stream and this website  as well. Some of them include:

  • Doing game reviews
  • Getting back into photography and sharing my work here
  • Making more youtube videos, maybe starting a vlog too (I’ve tried to vlog when I was in the U.K. but it’s tougher than it seems. Apparently I have more problems talking to myself than in front of people on stream)
  • Maybe making some of my magnets as merchandise.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, you (yes you) are great! 🙂 Nicola’s part is right below mine so continue reading. He did an amazing job with the website and I am really thankful. He’s been so patient with me even when I was being late with our meetings over and over again. I’ve been through some rough times but he was patient enough to finish the website and now here we are!

Nicola – Why I Made This Site

So,, isn’t that nice? She has so many followers, about 13,000 now that I’m writing. And that is amazing. I remember the time when I started following her.

She was the first streamer that I watched on Twitch. I never used to watch people playing before, I thought it was stupid, why would I watch someone playing instead of playing by myself? Then, one day I needed help with Dark Souls 3, and I decided to open Twitch on my PS4 to see if anyone was playing that part.

I ended up on her stream, and she was playing one of the first levels, the one where I was stuck too. So I stayed there. It was not what I expected. She was stuck as well, exactly like me. I watched her for a couple of hours until she found her way around, thanks also to the people in the chat. Then I knew what to do, but I also had a taste of her streaming style. She interacts a lot with people in chat, while other streamers don’t.

On the next days, I just opened Twitch again for another part, and she was online! I thought “Oh, let’s see where she is now” and I watched her again for another day. I started coming back, not every day yet, but definitely more often. Mainly because I wanted to watch how she played the game compared to me, and because she was really funny!

I also noticed that she had some past streams of Dark Souls uploaded, and I started watching them for tips about how to beat bosses and stuff. Then I found one of her past streams where a guy made the biggest donation she ever received. Well, that was really nice of him, and the way she reacted to that donation (also because her bots were not working and she didn’t receive any notification) was just too cute and genuine to ignore.

I never wrote in her chat before, nor followed her really. But after that video, I really wanted to do my part. I’m driven by challenges and by helping people. Whenever I can help, if I care about what I’m doing, or about the person, I really will try to do the best I can. I’m not saying that she needed my help, but I felt I can make a difference in her life, maybe even a very small one, but still I could make it.

I wrote her on Facebook, and proposed to make her website completely free. She accepted and then, here we are! After a couple of months of work, we are finally live.

Making The Website

It was not easy to be honest, for a couple of reasons:

  • I never made a website for a foreign customer, even if I do support for foreigners the whole time as my job. Not having her near and not being able to meet her easily was hard to manage.
  • I didn’t have access to everything I needed. Making a website involves having access to many personal accounts, like Google, PayPal, and others. But she already had them, and I didn’t want to change anything, so I had to configure everything together with her.
  • She is usually late (sorry Teo, let me say it). We scheduled a meeting for three times before I gave up and then we had that same meeting like one month later!
  • She uses tools that I’ve never seen before, so I had to study them and create something just for them.
  • Most of those tools only run on Windows and I don’t have a PC.

I’ll Keep Following Her and (Hopefully) Try To Be Useful

That said, I really loved to work with her, to work on her website and to make this happen. I hope she will get out the most of it and I hope that thanks to this website, she can get more and more followers and subscribers! I hope it will make a little difference in her life!

Also, I have to add, don’t be stupid like me. Watch people playing on Twitch, especially Teo, she is just amazing and offers so many good things that you can’t ignore. From when I started working with her, I understood why people watch streamers, why they donate and how they build their community.

I started being more present during her streams, and off-stream, on Discord, and I met many nice people in there. I now follow her stream not only for the games she plays, but also to chat with her and with the other people in there. It’s funny, and it’s a nice break in my day. Also she saved my life when I was in Rimini for the Italian Dance Championship, and I had only her stream. I watched her for six hours that day and luckily she was streaming, otherwise I would have been dead of boredom!

Thank you Teo for being there, streaming for us every day! Keep up the good work!

What the Future Reserves for You

I’m not sure yet at the moment. We are still moving donations and subscriptions from the previous platforms to the website, and also we still need to complete a couple of integrations with Twitch, Discord and other things.

Nicola said that he wants me to be famous, and he is going to print millions of flyers with my face and a message to convince people to subscribe, in more than 140 languages, to share around the world.

For the rest, just follow me on socials, and subscribe to my newsletter! I’ll make sure to keep you updated there!

See you on stream soon!


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